Services - Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Cinfinity focus in outbound marketing comes down to lead generation.

Cinfinity understands how difficult it is to stand out in the noise. Whether you are launching a new product or keeping your current product in the news, Cinfinity can tailor programs to increase visibility and generate leads.

Cinfinity can design your product with custom electronics.

Cinfinity can put together a media plan which is geared to your target market. The media plan can start small to do "test and learn" or be a comprehensive marketing plan for the launch of a new product. Cinfinity can work with different media partners to make sure that your goals have the best chance of success.


Trade Shows and Events

From a simple table top to a 100x100 exhibit hall, we have the experience to drive leads and exposure.

Public Relations

Cinfinity has been working with main stream press for over 25 years. With contacts in every major industry, we can help you get digital ink.

Social Media

Integration into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.